Unveiling Airbnb Supply & Real Estate Trends

Unveiling Airbnb Supply & Real Estate Trends

Discover the key economic drivers shaping our supply forecast and STR performance in the ever-evolving real estate market. At the core of our analysis lie two crucial factors: mortgage rates and home values. We believe that when individuals contemplate buying or listing a property, they weigh the potential revenue against acquisition costs or the opportunity cost of holding onto the property rather than selling it. Higher revenue and lower acquisition costs inherently lead to increased supply.

Vacation Rental Home in Asheville NC.

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Comparing our end-of-2022 predictions, we have observed a remarkable alignment of mortgage rates with expectations. However, the surge in rates has triggered a more rapid decline in home prices, fostering a slight surge in transactional activity. Moreover, another contributing factor to heightened supply growth, complemented by robust demand, is the inclination of existing homeowners to retain properties financed at historically low rates. Notably, anecdotal evidence suggests that properties which might have been sold in a low-interest rate and rising home value environment are now being leveraged as either short-term or long-term rentals. This strategic move allows owners to capitalize on the market’s stability in the future.


Click on the Picture to Book this vacation rental home in Asheville NC with Shanti Mountain Properties.

Considering these factors, Airdna has revised their supply forecast for listed nights in 2023, projecting a year-on-year increase of 14%, significantly surpassing the earlier estimate of 9%.

vacation rental home in Asheville NC

Click on the Picture to Book this vacation rental home in Asheville NC with Shanti Mountain Properties.

Stay informed and make informed decisions with our property management expertise. Contact us now to explore how our services can help you navigate the intricacies of STR supply and real estate trends, maximizing your investments while achieving unparalleled growth.

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